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Frequently Asked Questions

Click a section below to find answers to common questions or view the VIP/PRESS PASS policies.


How often are Lotus Rosery events held?

Seasonally! We are currently working on opening a bi-weekly event platform to cater to smaller, more personal events, but in the meantime expect our festivals to come around once every few months.

How can I purchase tickets?

After the flyers go up on Instagram, there will be a pop-up on the homepage of that will send you to the RSVP page. The link is also in our Instagram bio. You can pay online with Debit, Credit, or Square (Apple Pay), or pay at the door with cash or the Cashapp app.

How can I perform at Lotus Rosery?

Here is a link to our performance inquiry form. Please fill out the form and we will review your content when we receive it. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t receive a return email. We look over all the submissions to see who makes for the best fit for the theme of the event we’re planning. 

What ages are allowed at Lotus Rosery events?

We attract a wide range of attendees aged 18-24, however we’ve seen guests all across the adult spectrum. Children under 18 are currently not allowed at our events, but that is subject to change upon expansion.

Can I bring Alcohol to events?

Depending on the venue, Alcohol will be for sale provided by the venue. Guests are not permitted to bring Alcohol to Lotus Rosery. You will need to be 21 years or older and present ID in order to purchase Alcohol at Lotus Rosery events. If the venue is serving Alcohol, it will be noted on the RSVP page of the event.


How long does it take to deliver my order?

You should be able to expect your package about two weeks after ordering. After ordering you will receive a confirmation email & receipt. Within a week of ordering you will receive another email with your tracking number to see the delivery progress.

Can I refund an order?

You are allowed to refund an order as long as you do so before you receive the tracking number email. Once the order has been shipped it is nonrefundable. If you are local to Atlanta, contact Lotus Rosery via email or social media and we can negotiate a possible return in person.

My product was misprinted, altered or malfunctioned!

We’re sorry to hear that! If this happens to you please email explaining your situation. Remember to show pictures of the product in full and up close of the discrepancies (You can take these with your phone, but please make sure the photos are well lit and the problem is visibly apparent). Upon inspection, we will ask you to return either in person or via shipment for a full refund or reorder. If you have to ship the order you will be refunded for the shipping cost as well.

How can I share my product on social media?

However you want! We strongly suggest using #LRwins 🌺🌎 or tagging @Lotusrosery when you do post it.


How can I submit my music for the playlists?

Fill out our Music Submission Form with your name, Instagram, other social media links, and links to your music on the app respective to the playlist you want to submit to (ie: If you want to submit to a Spotify playlist, submit Spotify links).

When can I expect to see my music in a playlist?

Your music will be reviewed as it’s submitted. Keep up with our playlists, we change them weekly and you never know when your music will pop up in one.

I manage multiple artists, how can I distribute their music for playlists?

If this situation applies to you, contact showing us your work and your proposal. We will review all the music sent and promote music per playlist as we see fit.

Is Lotus Latests the only playlist?

Lotus Latests is the first of many playlists. Right now it is only available on Spotify & SoundCloud. We plan on creating more playlists and expanding platforms in the near future.


Can I get a Press Pass for a Lotus Rosery event?

Yes you can! Press passes are available for Journalists, Videographers, and Photographers. When an event is in promotion, there will be a link to the Press Pass submission form on the event’s RSVP/Info page. If you agree to a Press Pass you are allowed free entry to the event, however you must submit all content created at the event to . If you are a Photographer or Videographer, we suggest creating a new gmail account to gain access to 15GB of free cloud storage with Google Drive to maximize the amount of content you can share with us. If you do not wish to share your content with us directly, you will not be granted a Press Pass. You can still create content at our events, however you will have to pay online via RSVP or at the door via Cash or Cashapp.

Can I interview artists at Lotus Rosery events?

If you are granted a Press Pass, Lotus Rosery will allow you to conduct interviews if told to do so. Your press pass comes with a role (most likely one you choose) based on the purpose of the content you wish to create at the event. If you want to interview an artist at Lotus Rosery for a platform that isn’t ours or one of our partners it is between your brand and that artist/ management, however, we strongly encourage any interviews taking place at our event to be discussed with us beforehand. For more information, email with your inquiries.

Can our brand interview Lotus Rosery?

We always love a good collaboration! If you are interested in covering Lotus Rosery or it’s team on your platform feel free to email us with your proposal to 

Can Lotus Rosery interview my artist?

Submit an email with the subject titled “Press Release Inquiry - {{ARTIST NAME}}” to . The Proposal email should be complete with the artist’s name, information (social media links, music links, genre and general info), and why you feel like we should host your artist on our platform. We will review these submissions and return an email if and when we see the right opportunity for the artist.


I’m performing at Lotus Rosery! How many guests can I bring?

Congratulations! If you are bringing extras for your set (ex: Dancers, Band, Personal announcer etc.) they are allowed VIP access. VIP access is granted to those who have a participating role in the event. For artists, You are allowed up to three Free VIPs for non-participating guests, but this is subject to change depending on if you have extras or not. Personal circumstances may also affect your VIP situation. If any of this applies to you, please mention it during the booking process so we can handle the matter in advance to avoid confusion at events.

Can I bring props, videos, or tech to enhance my performance?

The goal of Lotus Rosery is to shine light on Independent talent that’s as bright as the stars, figuratively speaking. In short, Yes! We strongly encourage you to bring and do all you can to ensure that you have the best performance of the night and be the sensation you vision yourself as. We do ask that you specify your desires via email during the booking process so we can fit it into our logistics. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

How do I showcase my visual art pieces at Lotus Rosery?

If your art is being promoted at Lotus Rosery, We will have a designated art room for the visual artists at the event. Lotus Rosery does not provide easels or any other form of device that displays physical art, but some venues might. If we have any information in regards to that we will let you know via email during the booking process. Please keep us up to date with your setup so we can know how to coordinate it for the event.


VIP Policy

VIP passes allow free entry into Lotus Rosery events. People who are granted VIP passes are chosen during the event planning process. You must be eligible for VIP in order to be granted one and the specifications are as follows:

  • A performing artist, Host, Visual artist, or DJ has selected you to be one of their (up to) three VIP guests. If this is you, the talent or management will fill out your information including your name, email, social media, and picture to have your VIP pass created.

  • You are a participating member of the event who plays a given role. These roles consist of Floor staff, Setup, Food etc. If this is you, you will be made aware beforehand via email where you will receive your VIP pass.

  • You play as an extra in an artist’s set. If this is you, it must be discussed during event planning with your artist or their management in the booking process. If you qualify for VIP access as an extra your artist’s management will fill out your information including your name, email, social media and a picture to have your VIP pass created. 


Press Passes allow free entry into Lotus Rosery events. People who are granted Press Passes are chosen through the Press Pass submission form, located on the RSVP page of the event in question. There are two types of Press Passes, one for Journalists, and one for Videographers and Photographers. The two passes are very similar but their differences are as follows: 

  • Journalist Press Pass - If you are granted a Journalist Press Pass through your Press Pass submission form, then you are given a role to document as much as you can from the event as you can. You should focus on covering who’s who and what’s going on, performance highlights etc. These writings will be submitted to within the week following the event as we can use them to create content for our platform. You will be credited for your work.

  • Photo/Video Press Pass - If you are granted a Photo/Video Press Pass through your Press Pass submission form, then you are given a role to collect content from the Lotus Rosery event. We will discuss your specifics in emails during the event planning stage. Within the week following the event, you should submit all of your content recorded from the event to so we can use it to create content in the future. You will be credited for your work.

VIP Passes and Press Passes are Event-Specific. If you wish to cover multiple events, you must fill out the new Press Pass submission form on the event’s RSVP page. Each Event will have a specific deadline for Press Pass submissions and if you fail to submit your form in time your submission will be denied.

Performances/ Showcases
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