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Aáyanna Meets the Rosery Radar!

Rising R&B Artist Aáyanna Stepped into the Rosery Radar with Host Josh Robin After her performance at Land of the Lotus Eaters. They discuss new music, keeping busy during the Pandemic, famous artists she's working with and more!

The Full Interview is Out Now on YouTube

Hosted By Josh Robin - Captured by SALT Creative House


Speaking of things you've been up to lately, let's talk about your latest single "Hello Moto"

"That was the name of the beat, and the song ended up being about phone sex, and it fits so I just kept it as the name of the song"

What made you decide to drop the song on Valentine's day?

"It just reminded me of relationships. 'Cause I mean, like, how else do you do it?". So the video was all Pink and stuff and it just reminded me of love and Valentine's day was coming up so I was like "Okay, there's a lot of people who aren't with their significant other on that day." So I decided to dedicate that song to them."

Aáyanna - Hello Moto

How does it feel to know you're on the Radar of some pretty famous people? Names like Druski, Lightskin Keisha, and Hitmaka come to mind.

"Well my dad was in the Industry and he was close friends with Hitmaka, So I kinda grew up around him. He also used to write for Lightskin Keisha. I didn't know Druski liked my posts that's a surprise to me. But there was one video that I posted where 2Chainz posted it on his story and that's probably how he saw it."

You don't have any features on any of the songs that you have out. I just thought that was interesting