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"You Are Here" Festival Marks Lotus Rosery's Live Return

“When we started Lotus Rosery, I was in high school and it was originally going to be a clothing brand. I drew the T-shirt designs for the brand and we even had a photoshoot,” shared Lotus Rosery co-founder, creative director, and illustrator Oni Culbreath. “Our first show was meant to be a grand opening but ended up being a concert. I didn’t expect so many people to show up!”

Written By Amariyah Callender


After Lotus Rosery’s sold out festival at Vinyl at Center Stage, it goes without saying that the Atlanta based team of creatives have returned to take the city over by storm. In collaboration with industry heavy hitters Since The 80s and Spillage Village, the You Are Here Fest gathered Atlanta’s best rising stars for a night of electrifying performances.

With their first show having a turnout of 300 people, they have multiplied in show attendance since then. While this show’s venue has a capacity of 300 people, reservations to attend exceeded double of that amount. The sold out event took place on Sunday, November 21st, with many artists both experienced and new to the Lotus Rosery family.

The general consensus among performers was that they were excited to share their artistry onstage. “I usually get tunnel vision until I get off stage,” shared singer Kalen Bree. “I try not to feel things all the way until I’m done.”

Kalenbree Performing at You Are Here Fest - Shot by JSN.

Rapper Trilly! expressed, “I feel grateful to be able to be able to support my friends. I’m like a ball of excitement!”

For some, this was their first time performing with Lotus Rosery. “I'm excited and nervous,” admitted Ben Reilly, a former artist in the group Abstract Media. “This is my first solo performance. It feels good to be able to share myself.”

Ben Reilly Performing at You Are Here Fest. Shot By Moja Visuals

The You Are Here Festival turned Vinyl at Center Stage into a vine-threaded island, complete with handmade palm trees, a wrecked ship, and a whimsical painted mural. The set design was inspired by the album cover for “Smile, You’re Alive!” by Spillage Village’s Benji.

Before Benji. went on to perform live versions of tracks from his debut, he expressed immense gratitude for being able to collaborate with Lotus Rosery on this showcase.

“Right now, [Lotus Rosery] means a lot. They’ve put me in a really dope position to do what I do and even bring my friends and my band to Atlanta. I’ve been able to do shows with my good friends spanning back to my childhood in Pittsburgh and have an opportunity to have them out here and showcase us in front of a new audience and new city,” Benji. said. “What Lotus Rosery brings by themselves is the energy, the time and dedication, the discipline, the work, the effort, the ideas, the designs, the effort, all of that. To be a recipient of that, it feels really good. I’m very appreciative. To me, this event isn’t for me, I am a featured act. It’s definitely to showcase what [Lotus Rosery’s artists] can do.”

Benji. At You Are Here Fest. Shot By Asia Rowe




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